Complete Ethical Hacking & Black Hat Hacking Bootcamp

Complete Ethical & Black Hat Hacking Bootcamp

Whether you are a complete beginner looking to become an ethical hacker, or you’re a student looking to learn about securing computer systems, or you are a programmer who is looking to improve their security online and prevent attacks from hackers on your website, this course will dive you into the world of hacking and penetration testing.

We even teach you Everything from scratch this hacking BootCamp will guide you, The Core concept of hacking, and help you to become an ethical hacker.

All Modules in this Ethical Hacking and Black hat hacking BootCamp connect with each other. This type of learning will help you to learn faster and also help you to stay connected with the past module to use previous knowledge to improve hacking skills like Real World Ethical hacking or Black Hat Hacker.

This Complete Ethical Hacking and Black Hat hacking BootCamp (Course) is focused on applying hacking skills to solve real work problems. We are going to teach you how hackers use hacking skills to penetrate systems by using Kali Linux or Creating their own Hacking Tools using Python Programming.

We will start off by creating our own hacking lab to make sure we keep your computers safe & make our own hacking environment to practice ethical hacking and black hat hacking skills, as well as doing things legally, and once we have our computers set up for ethical hacking & Black hat hacking, then we dive into hacking topics like:

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  • This course is created for educational purposes only and all the attacks are launched in my own lab or against devices that I have permission to test.
  • This course is totally a product of Yogendra Singh & Hacked Neural Network, no other organization is associated with it or a certification exam. Although, you will receive a Course Completion Certification, apart from that NO OTHER ORGANISATION IS INVOLVED.
  • we are not responsible for any illegal activity by the subscribers or the students


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Complete Ethical Hacking & Black Hat Hacking Bootcamp