Yogendra Singh Rathore -About Me

Hey, I’m Yogendra Singh Rathore,

When I (Yogendra Singh Rathore) was a Student like You, I also wanted to join Google, Amazon, Epic Game, & Much More.

But the Problem Is that 80% of us came from 2 or 3-tier colleges. even I also came from 3 tier college. 

The Truth is These Top companies Never came to our collages for Hiring.

And I Also Had Dreams Like You 12+ Lack Salary, Working in a Top Company, but it’s not easy, I also faced the same problems like, Never getting a chance for an interview, Don’t Have Skills for This Top Companies. I Can Under Stand Your  Pain, Dreams, and The Life You Want.

So, I’m Yogendra Singh Rathore, an Indian Data Scientist expert in Marketing and AI with Cyber Security Experience since 2012.

I Create this website Hacked Neural Network to help students to get their dream job.

I am Creating something awesome where students do not just learn Top Level Skills but they also learn how the market works and how to solve problems and Analysis them. 

Business aside, I’m extremely family orientated and I’m a big believer in “family is everything”. All of you are part of this family. as a student or employee. 

The owner (Yogendra Singh Rathore) of two companies Neural Script education OPC Pvt Ltd. & Danzo Technology LLP

About Me (Yogendra Singh Rathore):-

  1. Master of Science – MS in Machine Learning & AI
  2. University of Rajasthan – BCA (Apex College)
  3. Own 20+ Certificates 

Bug Hunting:- 

  1. Amazon (Data breach) in 2018: Click Here
  2. Edureka (S3 Bug) 2020: Click Here
  3. Apple (Payment) in 2021: Click Here
  4. Facebook (Code Bug) in 2021: Click Here
  5. PayU: Code Review 2022: Click Here
  6. YouTube Code Review 2022: Click Here

Interesting Facts:

  1. Movie Lover
  2. Gaming
  3. Love Travel 
Yogendra Singh Rathore
Yogendra Singh Rathore About Me